Auto Sliding Metal Service Door with Remote

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Auto Sliding Metal Service Door with Remote


SAMS-V Auto Sliding Solid Entrance Door

Model SV-EASD3059G

Product Overview

Door Opening: 60” x 88” (1520mm x 2240mm)

Automatically Slide Away System: Aluminum alloy on upper and lower sideways with a synchronous belt and branded control system that makes the door open and close automatically. It’s easy to operate with the remote, the door handle, or the inner lever.

Extended Temperature Range: Offers extended operating temperatures ranging from -49℉ to 122℉.

High Quality Heat/Temperature Sensor System: 110V/60HZ. The sensor on the heated frame ensures the doors are constantly running with maximum efficiency at the desired temperature with minimal environmental impact.


Safety escape device inside.

Door Leaf thickness is 100mm with 0.5mm PPGI (Pre-Painted Galvanised Iron) on both sides.

Heated Aluminum frame provides double protection for temperature control and prevents heat escape.

Door Strips are made with special rubber with an excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. It protects from ozone and atmospheric aging. It’s an excellent dielectric, water repellant, and has physiologically inert characteristics.

Temperature Control  Coolers: 34℉ to 40℉ & Freezers: -10℉ to-20℉

Sleek and Professional Finish

Accessories Included

  • Control Box

  • Handle

  • Safety escape device

  • Temperature sensor

  • Door opener

  • Inner door opener

  • Synchronous Belt

  • Door strips

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