Glass Entrance door for Freezer

Freezer entrance door pic.jpg
Freezer entrance door pic.jpg

Glass Entrance door for Freezer


SAMS-V Glass Entrance door for Freezer

Model # SV-EGFD3782

Product Overview

SAMS-V Self Closing Walk-in Entrance doors make access to the Freezer easy with a full handle in front and a mid-door push handle inside. Three pane glass and a heated frame provide the most thermal protection against condensation and maximize product visibility. All doors come with heated glass.

  • Robust Reliability

  • Performance tested to 1,000,000 Cycles

  • Unmatchable protection against Condensation

  • CE and RoHS Approved

  • Energy Saver

  • Features

  • Sleek and Professional Finish Aluminium frames made of the black alloy to bring sleek finish. The heater in the frame brings at most thermal protection against condensation. Full-length handle, 90-degree hold stop helps easy opening

  • Metal Push Bar Easy to open the door, for loading and unloading the product

  • High-Quality Aluminum Kick Plate Aluminum kick plate at the bottom of the entrance door on both sides to protect the door from banging

  • Durable 2 Pane Glass Insulated door glass with tempered safety glass and Low-E glass with a heater that protects your merchandise, maintains its temperature and displays appeal

Reliability Measures

Temperature Control

  • -10℉ to -20℉ for Freezers

  • Heated Glass At Most thermal protection against condensation and maximize product visibility, all doors come with heated glass

  • Heated Frame w/Sensor The sensor serves as a check to make sure doors are constantly running efficiently at the desired temperature. You won’t have to wait until your next electricity bill to make sure your equipment is constantly saving energy

  • Argon Gas

  • Argon gas fills the space between our dependable 2 pane glass to keep your merchandise at the correct temperature, so inside temperature stays inside and outside temperature stays outside, minimizing energy spent on the cooling process

Accessories Included

  • Full-Length Handle - Don’t discriminate. Accessibility for all heights

  • 90° Door Hold Stop - Self-return door function gives convenience to customers for pulling more merchandise from your Freezers

 V-shape LED Light - 6 ft. double row, energy efficient LED LIGHT, Warranty: 5000 hours, 1.8 meters, luminosity. It's the best way to light up your merchandise

  • Magnet Door Gasket - High-performance magnetic door gasket door seal prevents temperature loss

  • Reversible Hinge - Easily reversible Left or Right hinge. Quick and easy to load power hinge pins. Off-set hinge pin eliminating gasket bind

  • Auto Close - Make simple adjustments with ease using our fool-proof torque system

  • Temperature Sensors - Every door is equipped with temperature sensors to ensure maximum energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact

Warranty 10-year warranty for moisture and condensation. 12 months for parts by the manufacturer.

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