Plug in Metal Entrance Door SAMS-V, SV-EMPD3681

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Plug in Metal Entrance Door SAMS-V, SV-EMPD3681


SAMS-VPlug in Metal Entrance Door

Model # SV-EMPD3681

Door sizes
SV-EMPD3681: Standard: 36” x 81” 
SV-EMPD4881: Large: 48” x 81” 
SV-EMP57681: Extra large: 57” x 81”

Features and Accessories:

Extended Temperature Range: Offers extended operating temperature range from -49℉ to 122℉.

Applicable Temperature:

          Cooler Doors: 34℉ to 38℉

          Freezer door: -10℉ to -20℉

High-Quality Heat/Temperature Sensor System: 110V/60HZ. The sensor on the heated frame ensures doors are constantly running with maximum efficiency at the desired temperature with minimal environmental impact.

Door Leaf: Thickness- 100 mm with 0.5mm PPGI, Polyurethane sandwich panel, with pre-painted galvanized iron colored on both sides.

Door Lock: Made of a zinc alloy, stainless steel material. The door can be opened inside with the safety door lock.

Safety Escape: Device located inside.

The left hinge or Right hinge: Reversible, manual opening/closing door.

Door strips: They use special silica gel with excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, ozone and atmospheric aging, and have good dielectric, water repellant, and physiologically inert characteristics.

Magnet Door Gasket: Provides complete temperature escape protection



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