Solid Full Buried entrance Door

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Solid Full Buried entrance Door


Solid Full Buried Door: All buried auto to return Walk-in cooler door: 36” x 81”

1. Beautiful appearance; 
2. Excellent sealing and insulation performance; 
3. Strength aluminum alloy, durable and strong. 
4. FM, CE Approved

The food industry, Industry, Supermarket, Storage, Pharmaceutical industry, and Retail.

Temperature Application:-49 o F ~ +122 o F

Standard surface material: stainless steel, colored steel, aluminum.

Frame: The surface is foamed with polyurethane as a whole structure.

Reaching smooth surface and providing excellent insulation values.

Besides, it equipped with temperature limiting system, no more temperature control or manual operation.

Locker: Imported from Teledoor(Germany). inner and outer handle of security lock, with profile cylinder lock and integrated emergency release.

Easily operated with one hand with outer and inner levers.

Door leaf size: standard size is 720*1720mm, others can be customized.

Door panel: 100mm polyurethane sandwich panel. With colored steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel or aluminum, etc.

Door lock: Material: zinc alloy, stainless steel,

The door can be opened inside with the safety door lock.

Door strips: Use special silica gel, with excellent resistance to high and low temperature, ozone and atmospheric aging, as well as an excellent dielectric, water-repellent, physiologically inert.


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