Walk-in Freezer Genisis Glass Door

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Walk-in Freezer Genisis Glass Door


Freezer Genisis Glass Door

Model # SV-FD3079G

Durable 3 Pane Glas nsulated
glass door with tempered safety glass
and low-e glass for optimal visibility.
Temperature Senso very door is
equipped with temperature sensors to
ensure maximum energy efficiency
and minimal environmental impact.
The heater will run only when needed.
High Quality Heated Glas The most
thermal protection against
condensation and maximum product

Argon Gas filled Glass Doo Save energy with a wall of Argon gas filling the space between our dependable
3 pane glass, separating inside and outside temperatures effectively.
Temperature Control reezer temperature is maintained between 0°F to -20°F.
Easy reversibilit Door swing is easy to change with reversible hinges.
Auto clos Automatic door closing with a 90 ° door stop on opening.
Professional Finis The aluminium frames made with black alloy bring a sleek and polished appearance
while the heater in the frame brings the most thermal protection against condensation.

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