1950 Viewing Window

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1950 Viewing Window


Prices vary depending on quantity and availability.

Custom window, call for more sizes. 


The narrow (1-5/16" face) aluminum frame has separate frame pieces for front and back of panel (inside and outside), which are set to sandwich the glass unit in the wall, and to finish the wall opening. 

1950 viewing window is made to the thickness of the wall, with various glass configurations. 

Minimum wall thickness: 1-5/8". Panels over 2" thick must be 3-pane; over 4" must be 4-pane. Call factory for specific requirements.

Note that the 1950 viewing window has a 16 sq. ft. Limitation, with a maximum net opening width of 35-13/16" for heated glass (maximum heated glass size is 35" x 77".

1950 viewing windows are available in smooth and serrated gold anodized, smooth and serrated polished silver, smooth silver satin anodized and black finishes. 



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