Customized 20 Door Walk-in Cooler w/installation


Customized 20 Door Walk-in Cooler w/installation

34,500.00 36,500.00

Prices vary depending on quantity and availability.

Glass Door

Normal temp, triple glass layer, energy efficient, organ glass filled left hinge GTD doors with full handle with LED lights and 7 shelves per door. A glass service door with push bar and kick plate inside and outside, 36 inch X 81 inch. 10 year warranted glass seal and 12 months parts warranty by manufacturer.


The box will be made of new panels, 4 inch thickness. (The material of metal sheet is Galvanized steel /Aluminum. Core material of PU is polyurethane, which are produced by polymeric MDI and system polyol after foaming process. The liquid of material will form rigid polyurethane sandwich panel). Panels comes with 10 years air sealed warranty. Since panel needs to be cut into desired size, there can be joints in the box.


R404A Refrigeration system, Copeland brand compressor, Turbo Air outdoor–rated condensing unit. Blue finish, anti-corrosion coating on the coil to increase system life and cooling efficiency, comes with weather hood, low pressure switch, Freon sight glass, dryer, timer, head pressure valve, and high and low line valve. One year manufacturer warranty for compressor and its parts. Five year warranty available on request.

LED Lights: Energy efficient Cooler door LED Lights,  V shaped

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