Double Door Cooler 54"H - Fagor FM-10-SL54

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FM -10-SL54.png

Double Door Cooler 54"H - Fagor FM-10-SL54

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    2                 4                      10                     36" x 21 3/4" x 54"


Made of stylish black vinyl exterior, aluminum interior and  robust stainless steel floor.

The intelligent controller with ECO function allows for 15% energy savings during off peak hours.

The back-lit front panel makes unit and product stand out inside your restaurant or C-store, while creating a cool atmosphere.

Full door length LED lighting provides diffuse illumination throughout the chamber for better product exhibition.

The large digital display provides easier temperature visibility.

Double and triple pane glass doors and high density CFC-free insulation, apply for extra efficiency and strength.

On & Off Rocker switch on swing door reduces moisture and favors temperature preservation.



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