Evaporating Coil 13600 BTU Air Defrost

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samsv eva coils pic.png
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Evaporating Coil 13600 BTU Air Defrost


SAMS-V Evaporating Coil

Model​ # SA136EST

13600 BTU, Air Defrost, Low Profile Evap Coil, 110V/60Hz/1Ph

Unit Coiler: Features and Benefits:

● Premounted Expansion Valve, Solenoid Valve, and Thermostat, saves time

● Blue, anti-corrosion-Aluminum fin Increases the lifespan of the coil

● Circuit opens automatically over 50°F

● Spiral fan guard enables cold air to be delivered efficiently and thoroughly

● Copper pipe welded with silver electrode makes soldering point stronger, stable, beautiful,

and leak resistant

● Vibration and noise is substantially reduced by Protruding fan and motor placement

● Preinstalled Dry Nitrogen prevents air and dust from entering copper pipe. It can detect

the leakage in welding

● 2.6 MPA Pressure leak test is compatible to ensure the normal use

● Anti Oxidizing Stainless Steel mounting

● IP54 grade protection axial fan provides high protection, low noise and minimal vibration.

Easy installation and water resistant

● Air-pass guard located at the bottom of the coil improves efficient heat exchange rate

● Unique airflow system allows improved circulation within crowded walk-ins

● Location of power connector makes replacement of motor convenient

● Seamless inner groove copper tube increases the heat exchange rate by reducing the

space between the fin and copper tube

● Precise orifice hole are used to minimize the pressure drop

and maximize the freezing capacity respectively

Warranty: One year parts.

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