Walk-in cooler 8' x 8' x 8' SAMS-V

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Walk-in cooler 8' x 8' x 8' SAMS-V


SAMS-V Model # SC8X8X8NF

8’ x 8’ x 8’.2” OD Nominal Solid Walk-Cooler with Solid Entry Door, Indoor Placement, Outdoor Compressor, Single Phase. 

New 4-inch thick, PPGI /0.5MM Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron sheet with anti-rust and fire
suppression panels.
• The core material of the panel is polyurethane, which is produced by a polymeric MDI
system after a foaming process. The liquid material will become uniform forming a dense
and firm polyurethane sandwich panel.
• Environmentally friendly, no fluorine, will keep food safe
• Self-extinguishing within 3-5 seconds if the fire occurs.
• Elegant and flat appearance.
• > 90% close area creates durable strength and prevents bending.
• Low thermal conductivity 0.018~0.023W/(m.K), half of the EPS, Best heat insulation effect.
Warranty: 10 years' air sealed.
Service Door: 36” x 81” Solid Swinging Hinged Door made with .5MM PPGI pre-painted
Polyurethane Galvanized steel or Iron with a smooth appearance. The Door strips are made
from EPDM Rubber material, which has excellent durability, aging resistance, and Chemical stability.
R404A Refrigeration system.
1 HP Medium Temp, Air cooled condensing unit.
Matching evaporator coils with the Blue finish, anti-corrosion coating on the coil to increase system
life and cooling efficiency.
It comes with weather hood, low-pressure switch, Freon sight glass, dryer, timer, head pressure
valve, and high and low line valve. Solenoid valve, Thermostat.

One-year manufacturer warranty for compressor and its parts.
Five-year warranty available for Compressor on request.
LED Lights: LED tube lights, 4 ft. each, double row, energy efficient, Warranty: 5000 hours, UL approved.

Sizes available:

8' x 10 x' 8'

8' x 12' x 8'

10' x 10'x 8'

Custom sizes are available on Request.

Shipping not included.

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